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Sand Dollar Woodworks is a custom furniture and woodworking shop.  I prefer to build with lumber that has been custom milled and air dried at my shop.  Any piece of antique furniture that has survived over the years was made with air dried wood.  There is no such thing as a quality piece of furniture made with kiln dried sticks and compressed sawdust that has been veneered.  Modern kiln dried lumber does not have the character and soul that the slow drying process retains.  Most of my timber is acquired from local arborists who, like me, cannot bear to send good timber to the landfill.  Any tree has potential for a new life as a family heirloom regardless of the species.  If you have a tree that must be removed consider perpetuating its existence.

You can reach me at (409) 539-0308 and by fax at (707) 982-7813. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


My business is located in Galveston County Texas at 3313 N Elm Road, Santa Fe, Texas, 77517, USA