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Large Blanket ChestFramed in Black Walnut with Birch panels.  Satin Polyurethane finish.  This piece is lined with aromatic cedar to preserve the freshness of stored linens.   The Walnut tree was harvested in North Texas because it was in decline and threatening a mobile home park.  The lumber was custom milled and air dried before beginning its new life as a family heirloom.
Large Blanket Chest
This chest was made with solid aromatic cedar.  It features raised panel construction with antique brass hardware.    The outside is finished with gloss polyurethane and the inside is left unfinished to allow the aroma of the wood to permeate and protect stored linens and clothing.
Custom Cedar Chest
Bocote TableBocote is a South American Hardwood known for its rich, contrasting grain. The owner requested this wood especially to make a bold statement for his display of exotic orchids.  The top features polished black granite tiles set flush to the bread-board edges.  The wood is high in natural oils and is further protected with a hand rubbed paste wax finish.
Bocote Wood Table
Cedar TableThis is the largest mesquite tree that I have  seen in a long time.Unfortunately a thief attacked my log pile with his chainsaw to make firewood.  I was able to salvage a few pieces to make some rather unique end-grain tables.  When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
Mesquite End Grain Table
This cabinet was made in the style to match the existing cabinetry.  It is of red oak with cove and coped door frames and solid wood edge banding under the top.  It certainly looks as if it was part of the original construction of the home.
Custom Corner Cabinet
The grain of this solid air-dried walnut has an iridescent quality not found in kiln-dried and steamed lumber from a regular hardwood supplier.  The upper rack features shaker pegs for hanging displays and the lower shelf can be used to display lures or reels.  This custom piece was designed for showcasing the owner's collection of antique fishing rods.
Fishing Rod Rack
This stair was delivered to the homeowner in an unfinished state.  He asked for my help to finish it out with the railings, baulisters, and trim.  The result is the most elegant basement stair I have ever seen.  Stairs are the most challenging of all interior finish carpentry and I will be happy to quote your particular job.
Stair Railings
As with most of my pieces there is no stain used here.  The natural color of the wood, I believe, is to be celebrated.  This piece was made with ship's dunnage salvaged from the port of Houston.  I can only guess as to the species or the continent where it originated.  There were over 1,000 cuts necessary to make the lattice work.
Lattice Room Divider Screen
Anyone with small children would appreciate having a stool like this.  There were no metal fasteners used in the fabrication of this piece.  All the joints are blind mortised and glued.  All the parts are one piece solid walnut.  The finish is gloss polyurethane for durability.  This stool will last many generations.
Solid Walnut Step Stool
The client who requested this piece has small grand children and wanted a table without sharp edges, thus the oval shape.  The aspect ratio of the ovals were repeated in the legs for a nice balance.  The wood came from an ash tree that I removed from the client's yard and air dried for a year before I could fabricate the table.  The finish is polyurethane over walnut stain.
Oval Coffee Table
This bench was inspired by the antique original at the Bahia Mission in Goliad Texas.  The frame is of white oak and the seat and back are of bald cypress.  The medalion is hand-carved and set into the back with mortise and tenon joinery. All the joinery in the frame is full through mortise and tenon in the traditional mission style.
Goliad Bench

The builder of this home was somewhat lacking in his finishing details.  One can imagine how drab this fireplace opening was without a mantle.  This piece was fabricated from a solid piece of cedar (juniper) milled at our facility and air-dried.  Had this been kiln dried the color and clarity of the grain would have been compromised.  The rugged rustic look compliments the room's country decor. 

Cedar Mantle

This walnut table was found at an antique furniture store in Central Texas.  The apron and legs were in good shape but the top was somewhat lacking.  Most of the verneer was in poor shape and delaminating in many areas.  Also there was no leaf.  This surface is made of plywood for stability with edges of solid air-dried walnut.   The owner of this table will enjoy it for many years and it will no doubt seat many Thanksgiving dinners to come.

Walnut Table Restoration